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"Prima o Poi" (Sooner or Later) 

 Locomotive cafe (where my exhibition Prima o Poi had been on display since May of 2014) has been sold and therefore for the time being it is exclusively here in this virtual gallery on my Prima o Poi page that one can view the exhibit.


Stephen Myers.


Rwanda Namahoro
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Rwanda Namahoro (Rwanda the Peace)

I hope you will also check out these photos that I took while in Rwanda for ten weeks in 2006 working on the feature film "Shake Hands with the Devil" in the capacity of 2nd Unit Gaffer. Being in Rwanda was an incredible life experience that continues to resonate with me to this day. The slide show of these photos, many of which were taken from a moving van, can be viewed on my page Rwanda Namahoro.

Murakoze (thank you), Stephen Myers.

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