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Technical  “Shout Outs”

While I don’t have any “formal” training in photography, I am very fortunate that the following photographers have shared their vast technical and creative knowledge with me, and countless others. Hats off to them for not only being artists, but also having the generosity of spirit to be teachers as well. I have learnt a lot from them, but know that I still have a long way to go. How lucky I am to count myself as one of their many students in this never-ending process of learning.

Thanks to the legendary Ansel Adams, for his excellent and comprehensive cross referenced series of books “The Camera” , “The Negative”, and “The Print”.

Thank you Jeff Schewe, for taking up that torch and carrying it into the digital age and giving us your equally excellent and comprehensive “The Digital Negative” and “The Digital Print”. They were indispensible in helping me to print my recent exhibit “Prima o Poi”.

Thank you to the late great Bruce Fraser for his excellent white papers and books, which really delivered the technical goods with clarity and no nonsense. It is palpable that Bruce is dearly missed both personally and professionally by his friends and colleague’s.

Thank you Chris Orwig, for sharing your expertise and infectious enthusiasm for Digital Photography, Lightroom, and Photoshop, with your first rate online tutorials. I have to admit I was initially very intimidated by the digital revolution and for the first time ever was not able to absorb the new information solely by learning from a book. Following along with you on your online courses and exercise files was instrumental in me breaking through to embracing the new technology.

And thank you as well, Julieanne Kost, for your very helpful Adobe online tutorials.


Stephen Myers.


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