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Artists Statement

Photography is very important to me as a way of personally interacting with the world around us and then sharing that experience.

My photos are my attempt to not only share with you some things that I have seen, but to some extent, how I have seen them.

Of course, how they are then interpreted by the viewer, is entirely up to them.

I feel we are all unique and universal at the same time in the human condition.

I believe that if a photograph touches or moves you, then a connection has been made, a mood shared.

I love photographs which work at several levels, and in doing so, help to tell a story, or a fable, or suggest a mystery.

Everything within the frame of a photograph, whether animate, or inanimate, has an importance, a weight or pull, to me.

Composition, lighting, and above all emotion, are important to me in a photograph.

I always try to stay open to the possibility of magic, beauty, and simplicity.

Stephen Myers.

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