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Creative “Shout Outs”

I love looking at photos and paintings and have no doubt drawn inspiration and been influenced by so many artists, both professional and amateur, young and old, over the years.

I am grateful to them all.

More specifically, the following is a short list of some the photographers whose work has touched me.

I adore the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andre Kertesz, Robert Frank, and really the whole Pantheon Photo Library, which I still pour over with the same awe and admiration that I did when first introduced to them.

The same goes for the amazing (and not unrelated) work of the photographers of the Magnum photographic agency.

Some books of photography which I have and cherish are

Franco Fontana “Pressenzassenza”

Larry Towell  “The Mennonites”

Lana Šlezić  “Forsaken”

Serge Clement “Cité Fragile”

André Kertész  “His Life and Work”

Robert Frank  “Black and White Things”

Italian Street Photography edited by Keith de Lellis  “La Strada”

My hope is that visitors to this site will continue to broaden my horizons, by introducing me to the work of the numerous photographers whose work I have not yet seen.

Thank you,

Stephen Myers.




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