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Stephen Myers was born in Toronto, Canada, but longing for travel and adventure, on the occasion of his first birthday, he flew to London and took the train up to Edinburgh. He would spend four wonderful years there, where the sights sounds and stimulation of that magical city would leave an indelible imprint on him.

During these formative years, when not out strolling and taking in all the wonderful sights, Stephen would spend hours, observing from the window of his 3rd floor flat, the coming and goings of all the fascinating people, young and old, using the wonderful Meadows just across Warrender Park Terrace.

Having completed his Nursery School in Edinburgh, Stephen would return to Toronto and the very happening Annex neighborhood in order to attend Huron St Public School and be able to join in painting the VW van at the year-end School fair.

Then, after an eventful year at Jesse Ketchum School, it was off to Halifax to endure two years at Oxford St School before not attending Queen Elizabeth High School for grades 10, 11, and 12.

By this point, the magic of his early childhood had all but worn off, so Stephen set off (for the first time without his family in tow) to see if perhaps more travel and adventure wasn’t required to revive his flagging spirits. It was.

It was during a reinvigorating stay in glorious Montreal that Stephen gathered enough joi de vie to take him all the way west across Canada, and after several adventures in Beautiful British Columbia, all the way down the coast to San Francisco.

After drying out his rain logged self in the San Francisco sun, the plan was to work his way down to Mexico.

That was not to be however, as Stephen met an Italian girl who introduced him to many wonderful things; amongst them – photography and Italy. It had first been on her camera in San Francisco and in New York on the way over to Italy that Stephen started capturing images of what he saw.

It was during the next deliciously intense period of living in Italy, that photography and creating images took on a heightened importance, becoming a crucial tool for Stephen to interact with the new reality around him, even as he struggled through the rewarding, yet humbling, second childhood that learning languages can be.

After the dolce vita it was on, now unaccompanied, to Paris for 6 months, Montreal again for a few months and then finally back to Toronto with the intention of getting into film.

After first gaining hands on experience working as a production assistant on rock and roll videos, and volunteering as an electric on independent movies, Stephen was able to continue learning the craft of lighting by working on union sets, first as a permittee, and then eventually as a full member. Stephen has had the ongoing privelege of working as a Lighting Technician in Film, TV, and Commercials for many years now. 

It was on one of those film sets, that Stephen had the good fortune of meeting the woman (at that time an Art Director) who would become his wife and the mother to their two wonderful children - thereby making him, in his own eyes and heart, the luckiest Daddy in the world.

Stephen continues to strive through photography, to connect, no matter how fleetingly, with the magical stories unfolding all around us.






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